Features - End users

Work on your web site directly

With ICM you edit your web site directly on the site itself. Editable content is highlighted and activated through a simple double click.

Wysiwyg - Selectable and editable area - Menu popup

Context menu

All the operations are accessible through a context menu (right click popup), which as the name implies is context sensitive, i.e. it applies to the currently selected editable content.

Edit the content with an HTML editor

HTML content can be edited with a powerful wysiwyg (What You See Is What You Get) editor. For more informations visit FCKEditor.

Wysiwyg - Editor

Add (upload) new files

Through the editor you can add (upload) new images, and files.

Use predefine HTML snippets

ICM provides various HTML snippets (templates). Say, for example, you want to ad an image surrounded by text in your content. You can open the HTML snippets dialog and choose the most image/text combination and use it.


The site can be previewed. The preview is an uneditable version of the site.


The "editor content form" lets you easily manage the multi language content of your web page; for every language a corresponding form tab is visualized.

Publish your site

If ICM has been configured to publish (i.e. copy all the files) your site to a remote web server, you can open the corresponding form to publish it.


Every content modification is controlled by a workflow.
Depending on if you are currently logged in a "publisher" or "editor", you may only modify content but not put it online.

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