Features - Textual data

Textual data is organized in tables

With ICM there is no content semantics (no wheel has been reinvented): data is stored into the good old tabular format.
Tables are managed through a configuration interface.

Datasource entry

Modify the table layout

Table layout (number of columns, column name, column type, column default values, ...) can be modified through a configuration interface.
Column description, order or default values influence the edit form layout. E.g. if some default values are set, then a select box with the default values is automatically visualized in the edit form.

Datasource configuration

List, modify and search data

Table data can be modified, visualized or searched.

Datasource entries


A simple form of relations among tables can be defined. This is necessary to build advanced and effective queries (aka channels).

Import data

Data can be imported from an excel workbook.

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